How To Keep Pond Water Clear Naturally and quickly lighten the water in your pond or fish tank? How to promptly lighten the water in your pond or fish tank?

Keeping the water in the pond for a healthy pond is very difficult because you must maintain water level by adding freshwater or increasing algae and dirty sediment. Frothy or muddy water in the pond is a sign of poor pond maintenance. If you have built it, it is necessary to maintain it so that your fish and plants can live in a healthy environment.

What Are The Causes Of Dirty Or Muddy Pond?

Clear water, whether in a small patio feature or a large water garden, still adds to the appeal. Water that is cloudy or muddy is a typical problem that can be quickly solved with a few pointers. Because of its scale, location, and environmental conditions, each water garden has unique requirements.

Often green water is associated with a pond with high sunlight and imbalances such as lack of water renewal, excess organic matter, and lack of aquatic plants in the water body. To properly handle the water, it’s crucial to figure out what’s causing the cloudiness, or turbidity.

Turbidity is a measure of water clarity caused by suspended solids, algae, or dissolved organic materials. The presence of suspended particles, mostly clay, in ponds is the most common cause of turbidity. Since the clay particles are so small, they are constantly re-suspended as the water temperature, wind, and/or water movement alter.

Tips To Keep The Pond Clear?

There are different solutions to lighten the water of a pond. One of the best ways to lighten a small pond’s water is to dip a quantity of pond barley straws into the water.

This barley straw kit for a pond with a net will allow you to reduce the pH of the water and the algae hate an environment with a pH acid. Please note that we advise you to carry out a water analysis of your pond before using any products in your pond to lower your pH too much.

There are also other solutions:

  • Water clarifiers
  • UV equipment
  • Aquatic plants

1. Water Clarifiers To Keep The Pond Clear

There are a multitude of chemical products on the market but we prefer chemical-free methods. These products tend to have a temporary effect and we call them barbecue products because they treat the green water problem in the short term. They are flocculants that can work on pools but often in the case of a garden pond it is an imbalance problem.

2. Aquatic Plants To Keep The Pond Clear

If you don’t have the possibility to mechanically filter your water, you can reinforce your pond with aquatic plants.

These aquatic plants will feed on the organic matter to grow and will limit the development of algae in the long term. If you can also improve the water renewal, it will be a very good thing because a water that rises in temperature and little oxygenated is an environment conducive to algae. You can also contact a specialist for help with your water quality as one pond is not the same as another.

Discover here our list of aquatic plants that you will be able to couple to a lagoon filter.

Ponds that are exposed to the sun for the majority of the day should have 50-70 percent of their surface shaded. This can be accomplished using the following methods: 

  • Floating Plants(Water Hyacinth, Water Lettuce)
  • Submerged Plants(Water Lilies, Water Hawthorn)
  • Marginal Plants that grow on the edges
  • Oxygenating Plants serve as natural filters, ensuring that your water is clean and safe.

3. UV Equipment To Keep The Pond Clear

Can you mechanically filter your garden pond? This is the most efficient way to clear up the water in your garden pond. With filtered water (suspended matter) + green water (eliminated by an adapted UV lamp), you will be able to lighten the water of your pond quickly.

Please note that we advise you to make sure that you select the right filtration system for your garden pond. Many manufacturers are optimistic about the filtration capacity of their systems. With OASE, a famous brand in the pond world, if the filter announces 6000 liters, you will have to divide this capacity by 2 if you want quality results.


For the choice of a UV device, we recommend at least 4W per 1000 liters of water for an efficient UV all year long. If your pool is exposed to the sun all day, you can increase this calculation 🙂 This lamp should be changed every two years if you have 4W per 1000 liters of water.

You have just installed a UV lamp, but the water is still not clear? It takes approximately 10 days to see the first results with a suitable pond pump that puts the pond water through the UV in at least two hours. We hope we have been able to answer your questions to improve the water quality of your pond.