Our vision is to make natural ponds a part of people’s lives!!!

Our mission is to make people happy with ponds. We share our knowledge and discuss ponds, natural ponds, fish, koï. This blog is the story of a young and enthusiastic pond hobbyist. It is written to share my passion for all things pond, fish, and koi lovers. The “Pond Enthusiasm” that I speak of is the excitement that you feel when you look at a pond with fish in it. You look at something like this and say, “I want one of those”

Through Aquigarden I want to share my knowledge and my passion to the whole world. I have always written in French and I have been writing in English since 2021 (confinement). If you have any questions about your pond, I would be happy to answer them and publish them.

Pond, Koï Carp, Koï, Goldfish.. Aquigarden is a place to share your passion for ponds and aquatic plants. In the world of ​​aquatic plants, fish, and koï, life is valuable.

We are an association whose mission is to help people to enjoy nature by giving them advice, know-how and techniques to create or enhance a pond, a source of beauty and wellbeing for themselves and their environment.

AQUIGARDEN’s goal is to continue sharing our knowledge, our passion for the aquatic world, and giving advice on fishkeeping. Aquigarden shares its knowledge about ponds of all kinds to help others as much as possible. We want to contribute and take part in making the world a little nicer, one pond at a time.

The concept of a pond is very broad, it includes different surroundings but all of them have a common element: water Yes, without water there is no life.

The aim is to offer artificial fish and plant decoration that will allow you to make your pond as you want. I created AquiGarden to help everybody satisfy their passion for artificial ponds, natural ponds, fish, and pond flora.