Learning how to clean your pond is extremely important, since you can maintain its look and keep it healthy for the fish you have in it as well. Thankfully, cleaning a pond is not that complicated, you just have to go through the proper steps. Here’s what you must do!

Clear the algae

Removing algae from your pond is very important. You can add some algae-eating fish in your pond if you want, this can actually be a great idea and help you a lot. Aside from that, you can remove the string algae with your hand or a net, depending on the situation. You can also add hydrogen peroxide for a fast water treatment. You can also add some barley straw as a water treatment, this will capture many unwanted compounds.

Perform proper pond maintenance

It’s a good idea to install an UV clarifier. This will help treat single cell algae that make the water green. If you install such a system, remember that you have to replace it every year, so that’s something to keep in mind as much as possible.

Rinse the pond filter

You want to do this because the water filter can easily get clogged. Check the owner manual and clean the filter accordingly. Believe it or not, this can make a huge difference when it comes to cleaning your pond.

Introduce new plants and fish

It’s important to add plants and a healthy fish population, since it helps you clean the pond naturally. You want to have less than 10” of fish for each 100 water gallons, then you may need to remove and offer them to someone else. However, if the fish population is less, then you want to add some more. When it comes to plants, you must have around 40-60% of the surface area shaded/covered by plants.

Supplement aeration with a good water pump

Water pumps are great because they can bring in more oxygen for your plants and fish. You can have a larger pump, or you can go with a smaller pump if you want. Aeration also helps prevent odors and algae, thus keeping your pond clean.

Replenish bacteria during the summer

Even if the air filter keeps bacteria alive during the winter, you do want to replenish the bacteria during the summer. This is an action that you need to do at least once a year, if you want to ensure that there’s plenty of healthy bacteria in your pond.

Remove sediments from your pond

This is important if you want to clean your pond, and a good starting point is to use a pond vacuum. This is a great tool that has a long reach and it can reach the bottom of your pond. You can remove plant matter and debris without removing water, so it’s a very good pick. Removing some of the plants if they are unhealthy can also help a lot.

It’s very important to keep your pond clean, and these tips and tricks can help you do that. It’s a very good idea to clean your pond from time to time, since it’s healthy for your fish and plants. Plus, you can make it more aesthetically pleasing too!

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