Is Saki Hikari still the best koï food? SakiHikari

Professional koi meal designed exclusively for Nishikigoi and show-grade competition koi. To bring out the best in your show koi, this revolutionary diet is developed with a unique combination of the greatest protein, carbs, amino acids, and lipids. Beneficial cultures are also present. Saki-Hikari Development is a fully nutritional meal that is balanced, protein-rich, and carbohydrate-rich for accelerated growth in warmer water conditions. Will not jeopardize the purity of the pond’s water.

Saki-Hikari® Expansion

A floating daily diet designed to aid in the development of fast growth and traditional shape in koi. If you frequently find koi that barely missed out on the prize owing to size, this probiotic boosting diet should be your first pick.

Medium size pellets 5 mm – 5.5 mm. 65°F+

Diets for Koi

Saki-Hikari delicacies are designed specifically for Nishikigoi professionals and Koi fans.

Saki-Hikari is a one-of-a-kind line of feeds designed to suit the nutritional needs of Koi while preserving good health, condition, attractive coloring, and shape. Saki-Hikari meals have been lauded by experienced koi breeders throughout Japan for being designed for all phases of the Nishikigoi (Koi’s) existence. Hikari-Germ, a strain of life, naturally occurring Bacillus bacteria, is a vital element in the remarkable performance of Saki-Hikari meals. Hikari-Germ is a beneficial bacterium that gets active in the Koi’s digestive system when fed. Hikari-Germ produces helpful digestive enzymes, which improve Koi digestion.


Expect rapid development and championship form! During the formulation of this diet, the natural, omnivorous needs of Nishikigoi were prioritized. With this in mind, Hikari® created an exquisite combination of lipids and other essential nutritional components that can lessen the likelihood of internal fat accumulation, which have been shown to be troublesome for koi.

Because of the particular combination of ingredients and their availability, this is a perfect choice for younger koi throughout their developmental phase.

The utilization of carefully selected protein sources makes this diet appealing to even the pickiest eaters while providing them with a nutritional mix that is easily digestible. Manufactured in-house to our strict standards to deliver benefits not accessible with typical koi diets. Saki-Hikari® is most effective when used as an exclusive daily diet without interruption. When feeding is stopped, the Hikari-GermTM advantages stop. Intermittent feeding or usage with other meals will not deliver the best results.


Feed only the quantity your fish will drink in a few minutes, based on water temperature, pond quality, and activity level of your fish. Saki-Hikari Growth is recommended as a daily meal for any koi with championship potential who require help increasing weight or developing their form.

A Probiotic-Enhanced, Scientifically Formulated Diet Contains our patented “Hikari-Germ,” a live (viable) naturally occurring bacterium (probiotic) and a specially blended component mix that provides very effective nutrition utilization. A diet that is uniquely balanced and abundant in the nutrients required to maintain immune system function. Contains a precise quantity of growth-promoting nutrients to assist your koi in developing faster development and traditional shape. Because of the greater surface area, the “Hikari-Germ” remains active in the waste, making it more powder-like and simpler for your biological action to disintegrate.

Assurance of Analysis

  • Crude protein minimum of 40.0 percent
  • Minimum Crude Fat of 9.0 percent
  • The maximum crude fibers content is 2.0%.
  • Maximum moisture content: 10.0 percent
  • Crude Ash maximum of 17.0 percent
  • Minimum phosphorus content: 1.7 percent


For optimal effects and most advantages, utilize Saki-Hikari on a consistent basis. Saki-Hikari When water temperatures rise over 68°F, growth is employed to encourage exceptional growth rates not attainable with normal koi meals. A well-balanced, protein-rich, and carbohydrate-rich dietary package allows for fast development without the accumulation of fat deposits.